Training nach Plan

28-days program

Once the 50-days basic condition program has been completed,
you’ve got the possibility to start a special preparation program for
important competitions within approximately one year.

Depending on your state of fitness and based on the performance results of our testing
( G8-test + analysis of demand ) a 28-days build-up program will be calculated.

At the end of the program you’ll be reaching the peak of your performance right on time for the competition.
An individually adjusted interval training program, including short phases of going beyond your limits alternating with periods of rest, will increase the hyper acidosis tolerance
of your working muscles.

It is also possible to integrate small competitions taking place during the execution of the 28-days program.

Following the competition a 7-days rest period is mandatory to allow your body to regenerate. To avoid overloading this program is limited to 4-5 times a year.

Interval training program:
The interval training plays an important role in improving the performance and the hyper-acidosis
tolerance of the muscles. Based on the results of the G8-test and the analysis of demand phases of going
beyond your limits alternating with periods of rest will be determined to get the muscles used to a higher
level of stress. Yet this process cannot be increased without limits. At the peak of performance competing
at the highest possible level our body will be enabled to cross the regular limits of power output for a short
time at the cost of deliberate muscular destruction. A rest time of at least one week is mandatory to enable
the muscle to rebuild to its original strength.

Hyper acidosos tolerance:
Hyper-acidosis tolerance is the capability of the muscle to work despite of an increasing level of lactic
acid in the blood. Lactic acid slows down the muscle activity. This can lead to a complete loss of muscle
control (cramp). To improve this tolerance is, next to slowing down the speed of acid formation in the
muscles, the best way to cope with short periods of pure anaerobic metabolism. Especially the 50-days
basic condition training program helps to achieve this goal.