Training nach Plan


A lot of different assorted components are used to carry out the G8-Test and the
analysis of demand: First of all a professionally produced music-CD with the
standardized 8-minute cha-cha and Viennese-waltz pieces is needed.

A high-quality Polar heart rate monitor that comprises of a transmitter strap for the chest,
a wrist watch (receiving device) and a computer interface to upload the measured data.

In order to be most flexible a notebook is used to store and pre-analyze the data.
Later a fast computer system does the main analysis and calculates the training programs.
The complete training programs are dispatched via e-mail.

It is very useful to acquire a heart rate monitor of your own to be able to follow the
given boundaries of stress. Be aware that low cost monitors other than high-quality
monitors use only one frequency to transmit the data to the wrist watch and therefore
cannot be used to measure simultaneously.