Training nach Plan


Can a fitness test be done without blood testing?

A blood test is not needed. The G8 Test was developed as part of a study and has proven to be
very effective. During the eight minutes of the test (4-6min for seniors), the metabolic thresholds
are surpassed and the test is therefore as definitive as a lactase blood analysis.

I was not able to follow the plan. Does this affekt the test dramatically?

Even small deviations during the basic conditioning of the 50-day plan can be detrimental to the results.
The body needs a continued stimulus during this phase. Is this phase interrupted the body will be back
at the level of onset. This cannot be corrected retroactively. Interruptions during training towards a competition (28-day plan) can usually be corrected by recalculating the plan (Recalculation not included).

Do I need a personal heart rate monitor? Can I use a produkt from any company?

There is no doubt that a heart rate monitor will measure your capabilities more precisely (Training outside of
given limits can be contra productive). If a low grade product is used measure- ments may not be accurately.
A major draw back is also that only one of the dancers can wear the unit at a time. If both wear one, the
frequencies of the units are the same and the readings will be inaccurate. They are ok for biking and jogging.

How do I benefit from the G8 Test?

The G8 Test combines in a great way physical testing
and individualized training programs. The personal
metabolic thresholds are measured and then analyzed by a computer program that has been developed and optimized over years. Much of the research has been based on personal experience and experiments of
medical and dancing professional Rafael Grüninger within the limits of his study.

I am a latin/modern dancer. Does the G8 Test take that into account?

The G8 Test was developed to take this into account. The latin dance is based on standardized
cha-cha rhythm, whereas the modern dancer is using the Viennese-Waltz. More detailed differences
for two fields of dances are integrated into the computerized analysis.

How is the G8 Test different from already existing tests?

The G8 Test was specifically developed for the demands of couples dancing and therefore
takes into account the specific muscle groups used in this sport. The test is standardized and
followed by an individualized conditioning plan.