Training nach Plan

Analysis of demand

The G8 Test is followed up by an analysis of demand that is specific to the individual’s choreographed performance and the corresponding output level required.

For this, the dancers must complete their five dances at the level of a competitions final.
The heart rate is measured during these dances and the thresholds of the G8 Test are
used for interpretation to show where deficits are present and improvements can be made.

It can then be determined how much further the dancer must be pushed and how to do
this in order to increase these thresholds and thus optimizing fine motor coordination.

Once a conditioning plan is made and carried through it is of benefit to repeat the test later
to measure improvements relative to the established baseline and alter the plan accordingly.

Analysis of demand:
In contrast to other sports the goals of training are multifold in dancing. One must balance choreography,
steps and artistic interpretation in their presentation. Condition and power play an important role as well.
In order to leave enough time to improve all other factors it is clever to optimize the effort needed to improve condition and power. With the analysis of your personal demand, combined with the G8-test for actual fitness Paarameter has the tools to develop your individually tailored training program. Following that program will
help you to close your power gap in the most efficient way and gain extra time and fitness to work on all
other skills you will need be succesful.

Fine motor coordinaion:
Every dancer is aware of the heavy feelings in arms and legs during the dance as time passes.
The arm position loses expression and the ease of leading the feet is slowly lost. This is a result of
acid build-up in the muscles and effects mainly the short type of fibers. It eventually leads to the loss
of fine motor coordination where these type of fibers are needed. It is thus desirable to lift the metabolic
thresholds and enlarge the acid tolerance of the muscle. The G8 Test can make the difference through an individualized training program that will elevate the dancers output and acid tolerance dramatically.